Morning Shuffle – week of July 21-31, 2015

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I have decided to note down my iPod’s shuffle selection whenever I go to work in the mornings. I’ve decided to do this at least three times a week because (1) it is always interesting to listen to different genres and languages in one session, (2) I can hear new music and revisit old favorites, and (3) this is as unpredictable as I get.

Here is my morning shuffle for this week.


1. “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI” from Utada Hikaru, album This Is The One. Country: Japan.
2. “Emigrantes” from Orishas, album Antidotico. Country: Mexico.
3. “The Master & Margarita” from The Tea Party, album Interzone Mantras. Country: Canada.
4. “One Step Closer” from U2, album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Country: Ireland.
5. “Une Pagine Doblada” from Orishas, album Antidotico. Country: Mexico.
6. “Boohey Barain” from Hadiqa Kiani, album Roshni. Country: Pakistan.


Just a short note . . .

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I am sorry that I have been away from  the blog I had started so recently. I was accepted into an English Literature graduate program, and between taking care of my two little boys and studying human rights narratives, various literary essay forms and taking care of the house, I have been swamped. Now that summer is here – and no summer school! – I want to get back to writing for my blog again. This will be fun!

In the meantime, who’s looking forward to this!

Monday Morning Sights & Sounds

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Isn’t this a very arty and very cool picture of a photographer …

Random Musings # 1

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Why is it that my 4 year old and 17 month old know the direction away from the house and the routes to the ice cream store/coffee shop/school/park/anywhere-not-home while I still have trouble know which way to turn on a one-way street! Why! And most importantly – how!?!

December 31st, 2012

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happy new year

Short Tales: The Sultan’s Perfect Tree

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“The Sultan’s Perfect Tree” is another jewel from Jane Yolan’s library of modern fairy tales. A short story of about 16 pages, the book is about a beloved sultan who likes things to be just perfect. Orderly. Beautiful. Symmetrical. Perfect. In his mind, the perfectly shaped form, from the beautiful servants waiting on him down to the unblemished fruit served  on his golden platter, is the only form of life worthy of his consideration. However, this wouldn’t be a fairy tale if fate didn’t have other plans.

One autumnal day, a tree planted in the center of the Sultan’s symmetrically designed garden loses its leaves on one side because of a strong gust of wind. The tree, planted by the Sultan’s wise grandfather, is in his direct line of  vision, and so loses its perfection and and status. Thus begins the Sultan’s journey, in his quest to replace the imperfect tree with a perfect, albeit static, tree that can change with the seasons, to learn the true difference between perfection and imperfection. He is adroitly and subtly aided in his quest by a young serving girl who has not had the opportunity to become a perfectly behaved servant. Read that to mean one who can still think for herself and thus still has individualism, spunk and brains.

Illustrated by Barbara Garrison, The drawings are etched onto the pages, giving them a medieval, two dimensional feel reminiscent of mogul paintings from the sub-continent. Gentle splashes of color are spread throughout the paintings in an array of subdued tints creating a rather majestic and medieval presence. And the character’s expressions are so wonderfully expressive(!!!) that you smile each time you turn the page! Check out the library and see for yourselves!

sultan's perfect tree II

sultan's perfect tree I

A Spinning Wheel

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I have a friend who is one of the most beautiful belly dancers you’ve ever seen. She’s also a spinner with her very own spinning wheel! Its magical watching her turn colorful balls of yarn and fluff into thin, delicate strands of threads. It really is like watching a spiderweb emerge from all those spindly implements.

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