Short Tales: Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie

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Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie

Some years ago I wrote a blog post on The Loose Cannons about reading aloud children’s books to the little ones. I had listed some tips or “rules” about making night-time reading an enjoyable experience for both the reader and child, and used the children’s book Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie as an example to explain my suggestions. Written and illustrated by the amazing Joel Stewart, this book is an underrated, well-done, timeless and deceptively simple story about the intricacies of friendship, the magic of imagination, and the awesomeness of adventures. This intrepid partnership joins the realms of Calvin and Hobbes and Charlie Brown and Snoopy because of its simple story-telling, imaginative escapades and good ‘ol fashioned fun.

Stewart is a well-known, creative and whimsical children’s book illustrator, but he is also a brilliant story-teller. Nothing exemplifies this that self-explanatory the title of the book Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie. Why wouldn’t it lure you to read. I saw the book at a sale rack at a Shaws Supermarket (a well known supermarket famous is Massachusetts). The artful synopsis on the back : a big, blue beast-like giant eyeing a little boy on a scooter, pointedly telling him “I’m bored. I think I’ll eat you.”

The Big Blue Beastie is in a perpetual state of boredom and constantly threatening to “eat” our intrepid young hero. Each time, Dexter counters with “Hold on, I have a much better idea” and comes up with various schemes that give him a few moments more (or many moons in storyland time). Thus we have the two frenemies scooting around on scooters, running a successful flower delivery business (complete with shares and the stock market), becoming famed private detectives called “Bexley & Beastie” (solving the case of the “The Rubber Glove Affair” and capturing arch nemesis Professor Horten Zoar, “although he later escaped”), creating the largest beast-iest yogurt sundae, and (finally) sharing lollipops.

A true trifecta of friendship, imagination and adventures!


Happy New Year! Resolutions for 2016

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calvin and hobbes lets go exploring


Happy New Year!

2015 was an awful year for blogging – I did none! There were a myriad of reasons: earning my MA in English Literature, looking for work, a couple of content writing gigs, working, laziness, life. We also lose some dear family members and are still recovering from their loss. But 2016 is a new year, and that means newness, freshness, change, onwards and upwards. Etc. To that end, I would like to make some resolutions that will – I hope – provide enrichment, growth, and inner peace.

  • Write more. Write a couple of paragraphs at least two or three times a week. These will mostly be diary entries, so I don’t know how many of them will make it to the blog, but I feel I need to start doing this consistently for my peace of mind. the few times I recorded my feelings were a cathartic experience, and I was able to work through some of my issues and worries. This should be kept up.
  • Blog. I’d like some of my diary entries to become blog posts, but as of right now I am keeping them as separate goals. I’d like to do post at least once or twice a week; I need to do more reviews, especially of books, but movies and TV shows should make an appearance.
  • Study for and take the GRE and GRE English Literature Subject Test. Twenty minutes everyday!
  • Blog about the books I read for my literature subject test.
  • Get my sons diaries and get them to write/draw/scribble in it every weekend.
  • Drive to new places; I’d like us to explore our New England environment more and find new hiking trails.
  • Practice salah consistently.
  • Start exercising again.
  • Stain our kitchen cabinets.
  • Start my capsule wardrobe.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter.

Where there is a will there is a way. Wish me luck!

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