DIY Baby Banner

August 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

A couple of years ago a group of us threw a baby shower for a very dear friend of ours. It was her first baby, one of the cutest little boys ever! I was in charge of decor and decided that since I had always wanted do some king of DIY “stuff”, this was the perfect occasion to begin. After surfing the ubiquitous ‘net for a bunch of ideas, I was able to narrow my project down to two items that I felt I could do without feeling overwhelmed/cutting my finger/booby-trapping the party: a “sweet baby” banner and some giant pom-poms.

We settled on a color scheme (yellow, brown, and white) and I set to work corralling the raw materials. As I was also continuously writing papers for university, I decided to purchase everything I could online – after all, purchases are now at the tips of your fingers and a click of a button. Hence Amazon, the online marketplace where you can and match items.

First up, the banner. I decided I wanted to go the traditional route and make long triangles. I found a lovely set of card-stock papers in my color scheme. Exactly! (Seriously, how often does that happen?) They were from a small online retailer called Becky Higgins who has wonderful selection of digital scrap-book templates (that you can use on Shutterfly) and an assortment of scrap-book kits and individual items. Check them out – the designs are so whimsical they make you smile. The one I chose (and bought from Amazon) was called Baby Edition. Here is a picture of set:

61ejxvSEc3L._SL1200_ (2)

I also purchased a thin yellow grosgrain ribbon to tie up the banner triangles.

Here are the tasks that I had to do: the card-stock papers were 12×12 inches, and I needed to (a) cut them down to size, (b) add holes or slots to tie up the triangle pieces, and most importantly (c) have a letter stamped or printed onto the sheet. I couldn’t find individual letter stamps large enough and nice enough in time for my project, so I decided to print the letters.

1. Using my trusty blade, I trimmed the papers down to measure 8 in x 12 in. That way, they would fit in my HP InkJet printer and I could print a letter a page. Remember that 8 x 12 is a custom paper size in MS Word and for the printer.

2. I created a Banner Template of 2 triangles per sheet, measuring 5 inches across x 12 inches down.

3. I found a free font I loved called Ravie from I typed a letter per triangle to spell “Sweet Baby.” Since I wanted to alternate the sheets, I needed to sequence my letters so they printed on the correct sheet/triangle. That means that “S” and “W” and “E” (etc.) do not appear next to each other. (It took a lot of trial and error to measure the exact center, but it came out quite well).

4. Once I figured out my sequence, I printed the triangles and used my cutting knife to cut up the sheets. I punched holes in the top 2 corners, and threaded my lovely yellow grosgrain ribbon. Here is how I did the threading.

IMG_2508 (3)

And here is the final product. How does it look? I messed up the triangles with the “happy face” icon to separate the two word, so I was unable to include it in the final product. But no one was jarred by the grammar, so I guess it was all good.


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