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November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week happiness arrived in two separate long slim packages from A couple of weeks ago we had we had ordered three very large movie posters (27 inches x 40 inches) during their 20% discount sale. Have a look:

Something for the mama, for the couple and for the kiddies! And before all of you start sympathizing with my dude, there are three very, very good reasons why I have the beautiful Lee Byung Hun.

1- The movie is brilliant! A nihilistic tale of crime, betrayal, revenge and fleeting romance. A favorite of us both.

2- Hubby insisted on the poster, because ….

3- … we have the following three beautiful, arty posters up in our den:

Our sons will certainly have an eclectic sense of style!

If any of you feel that mature, responsible, family-oriented adults do not incorporate movie posters as wall art around the house, please rid yourself of that notion! I will keep you posted on how these will be displayed. In the meantime, enjoy looking at something beautiful.


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